LESMAR PELLET was created in 2014 with two main objectives: help to solve the climate change and the rural world depopulation. Our contribution is a natural, renewable and sustainable energy, able to be a real alternative to fossil fuels.

From the first moment, in LESMAR PELLET we are committed with the manufacture of a product with the best product and service, capable of competing with solid fuels with the same calorific value, and up to 50% cheaper.

In addition, we saw the opportunity to help in the job creation, in the spanish countryside. We decided to set up LESMAR PELLET in Mogente, one of the most important forest areas of the Valencian Community, in order to take advantage of natural resources and activate the local economy.

LESMAR PELLET, was born from the commitment to solve two major challenges: climate change and the depopulation of the rural world.

Why Lesmar?

We are manufacturers

We have modern facilities with the latest technology.

Strategic settlement

In Mogente, Valencia, near Sagunto´s port. One of the most important forest areas of the Valencian Community.

Natural product

Raw material of best quality. We use 100% pine tree, without any additives.


It is up to 50% cheaper than solid fuels, with same calorific value.

Sustainability and employment

We help to reduce spanish energy dependence. We create jobs in rural areas.


Commitment and adaptation with customer needs.

Using LESMAR PELLET we contribute to reduce our dependence on fossil fuels like oil and gas. Spain is the second european country with the largest forest area.

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Xaloc, 10 - 46640 Mogente - Valencia - Phone. +34 962 26 00 50 - info@lesmarpellet.es

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