LESMAR PELLET management is committed to guarantee its Wood supply practices and pellet production following these principles:

Biomass &

The production of woody biomass will not be significantly carried out at the expense of the net carbon balance of the carbón pools of vegetation and soil.

Pellet production avoids or significantly limits the negative impact on air quiality, it also does not endanger the food, wáter supply or subsistence of local communities.

Biomass &

The production of wooden biomass does not negatively interfere with biodiversity in the forest of origin.

This production maintains or improves soil quality, and does not deplete groundwater and surface water, it does significantly avoid or limit negative impacts on water resources.

Pellet &

The production of wooden pellets respects property rights and contributes to local prosperity and the well- being of workers and the local population.

Ethical principles relating to health and safety, human rights, association freedom, forced or compulsory labor, child labor, discrimination, environmental responsibility, corporate integrity and corruption in all its forms shall be fully respected.

Internacional Pellet

The Wood fountains are fully compatible with:

The European Timber Regulation
(EUTR- European Wood Regulation).

The EU Forest Law Enforcement, Governance and Trade
(FLEGT-/ application of Community rules and regulations, governance and trade).

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