What is a pellet?

The pellet is a completely natural product, catalogued as solid biomass, and made with 100% pine tree and totally debarked.

Our pellet is made from dry natural sawdust and without any additives, since it is used the lignin contained in the sawdust as binder, compressing it in a high pressure forming the pellet grain.

In LESMAR PELLET we use selected and high quality raw material derived from the forest cleanings and derivatives of locals sawmills. We also have european machinery with latest technology.

LESMAR PELLET is a maximum quality product (Premium), submitted to continue analytics and controls (EnPlus A1 id.:028 Certificate). We are seriously committed with our customers.


Technical characteristics:

Diameter: 6mm
Length: 13,6mm
Humidity: 6%
Ashes: 0,5%
Durability: 98,8%
Calorific power: 4,9kwh/kg
Fine: 0,10%

Quality Certificate:
ENPlus A1


This quality certificate ENPLUS is based on the standard international ISO 17225-2 referred to the wooded pellets.

A1 class represents wooded virgin pellets, and sawmills subproducts without any chemical treatments, and with low components of ashes, nitrogen and chlorine.

Maximum model of premium quality.


LESMAR PELLET offers three different formats:


Depending on customer needs


77 bags of 15kg/bag


1000 Kg

Pellets are 100% natural, non-contaminating and non-toxic.

What is a pellet for?

Pellet can be used for heating and hot water in any home, whether it is a single-family home, a neighborhood Community, a Company, a hotel, an industry or any other building.

To burn the pellet, special heaters or boilers are used, which are very comfortable and easy to use. Pellets can be transported and used in the same as any liquid fuel and with many more amenities.

The pellet is 100% natural, does not contaminate and is non-toxic. If it spills nothing happens, it is completely clean and you will only need a broom to clean it.

It is also used to make beds for animals, for example horses beds in the stables. It is very healthy for animals, since it has no dust and no chemical additives. It is also very absorbent and clean.

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